Sunday, March 16, 2008

Not much of anything new has been going on in my life... which is a good thing. Between working full-time, managing Christopher and baby girl, doctors appointments, balancing the house (cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, maintaining our budget) life has been fairly busy. Long gone are the days when I would go to the mall and buy a new outfit, or share an evening with Alfonso that included movie and sushi for dinner. The focus of my life has shifted to my family instead of me, myself and I.

I wonder how much of our lives will change with a new baby in the house. I remember those first few months of Christopher's life, when he required our complete attention. I fear that I will not be able to serve my duties as a wife; keeping the house in order, making sure Alfonso and Christopher are managing well, along with taking care of the baby. I can't even imagine going grocery shopping and running errands with a 1 year old and an infant. I will have to keep Christopher strapped into a grocery cart, and the baby strapped to my chest in a carrier. Thankfully we have our niece here, so she will be able to help us out.

On a lighter note, Christopher will be 9 months this Wednesday, March 19th. I will be turning 29 on the same day. Christopher is doing quite a bit of scooting around the floor. He has this funny little scoot where he rolls onto his right shoulder and pushes off the floor with his feet. He reminds of a wounded soldier crossing a battlefield. He now has four teeth, and will happily put any objects into his mouth and chew on them. He really enjoys walking around with the assistance of Alfonso, and complains when we cannot walk him around the house 24/7. He has filled out quite a bit these three months, so we are curious to see how much he weighs at his 9 month appointment. Baby girl is moving quite a bit, and is growing to be very big. I hope that I don't have another 8 1/2 pounder, but we will see!

Until next time!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

23 weeks and counting

Today I had my OB appointment with my doctor. Overall it went well (usually the appointments are brief and to the point). According to my ultrasound with the perinatologist, my due date is June 30th instead of July 4th. It's not much of a difference between due dates, but I really do believe that this baby will be born in June!

I've been having quite a bit of leg discomfort, especially in my thighs. I think I may be starting to have varicose veins, so tomorrow I am going to the pharmacy for Teds stockings. Working on my feet 12 hrs a day, three times a week definitely has it's toll on my body.

Christopher is doing well as usual. He now has three teeth (two on the bottom and one on top). He enjoys playing on the floor with his toys, and is starting to scooch around a bit with his arms. He also enjoys walking (with assistance) around the house and really enjoys his exersauser. With all of this activity, he is very tired and takes a morning and afternoon nap. We are so lucky that he sleeps so well. I am holding my breath for the next baby, but I don't think that we will be as lucky!

Here are a few pics from this weekend. Last Saturday we went downtown and watched part of the LA Marathon and then went to eat Birria (goat) at a Mexican restaurant. Yum!