Monday, August 25, 2008

Crystal's Camel

Ok, so it seems that Crystal is wanting to raise money to buy a camel for her village. She will use this camel to transport large/heavy items for her tree planting project, and if she is able to buy a female camel (they are more expensive) she will have it mate. Of course she will donate the camel to the village once she has finished her service with the PC.

My mom (Ruth) is collecting money for those that are interested in donating. She will send the money via Western Union. You can send a check or money to my mom:

Ruth Pilon
1175 AuSable Trail
Grayling, MI 49738

Thank you!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What we've been up to...

Alfonso went back to work on Sunday, so I've been at home with the kids for the last 3 days. It's been a challenge, but hopefully it will get easier. I am working on re-establishing a routine with Christopher, and that way it makes it easier on him and me.

Usually we are awake around 7 am (courtesy of Chris and his internal alarm clock), and I feed him breakfast at 9:00. He takes a morning nap (!) and then I feed him lunch at 12:30/1:00. We play in the living room for a few hours (Christopher plays with his toys, but on occasion will raid the cupboards and drawers and sometimes goes to the extent of pushing his high chair that is on wheels around the kitchen floor). The afternoons get a little hairy, as Angie likes to eat and eat and Christopher will start to get cranky. Today he went down for another nap at 2:45, and didn't wake up until 4:15. So, I am pretty lucky to have such a good sleeper on my hands.

As for handling two babies... lots and lots of diaper changes. I forgot how much infants need to be changed. Christopher can have a wet/dirty diaper and not complain. Angie on the other hand, gets worked up and agitated (ok, she seems to be a little high strung... maybe this is a personality trait). Frequently during meal times, I am nursing Angie with the assistance of my boppy pillow and simultaneously spooning food into Christopher's mouth. Often times I am consoling one baby, and then having to console another. It's very tiring...

After dinner (and after Alfonso has left for work at 6:00pm) I will load up the dishwasher (no longer time to wash dishes by hand) and start to get the kids ready for a walk. I make a point to walk in the evenings, as I find it relaxing for myself and the kids. Angie usually cries if she is riding in the stroller, so I often carry her in the baby bjorn.

I try to give Christopher a bath at least every day, as he gets stinky from the sweat and slobber he produces. Angie is bathed every other day. I brush Chris' teeth (with him threatening to bite my finger every time) and then put him in his crib (both babies sleep upstairs with us). We have a CD of bedtime lullabies, so I play the CD for him. He usually falls asleep pretty easily, no later than 8:30.

I used to read to him, but since Angie is usually screaming/crying during the bedtime routine, I haven't been able to. I try to be in bed by 10:30 at the latest, as Angie nurses twice during the night. Lately Christopher has been waking up during the night, and crying his head off. I try to console him, but he only cries harder. I wonder why??

Anyway, this is week 1 of me being with the kids by myself. I am sure that it will get easier, especially when Angie doesn't need to be nursed/held 24/7.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Pictures from Grandma Pilon's visit

The visit with my mom awesome. I wish that she could live closer (my parents live in Michigan). She was such a wonderful help with the babies. We shared good conversations, went on evening walks, went for pedicures and hung out with the kids. :)

My sister Crystal

I miss my sister Crystal. For anyone that doesn't know, she is a Peace Corps Volunteer and is currently in Niger Africa for the next two years. She wrote me an email the other day, which was awesome because I don't hear from her too often. She lives in a very small village and has to take a bush taxi to another village for inet service. I think it's a dialup service and the power outages are pretty frequent. Here is a link to her blog for anyone interested.

Apparently she wants a camel (so that she can use it for transportation and as a pet---she wants to love it and pet it's neck too) so she is interested in raising money for this camel. She just wrote my mom the other day as well, so I will post the email onto her blog.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Chris 'n Angie

We are all doing well. Slowly we are adapting to life with two children; never-the-less two babies.

Angela is doing wonderful; she is eating well, gaining weight and is more alert. She had her first real smile yesterday at 4.5 weeks. It was very cute, she smiles with her entire mouth open so you can see her top and lower gums.

Christopher is starting to realize that Angie is here to stay and she isn't going to leave. Last week was a little difficult; Chris seemed to be more whiny than usual and required more attention from us. But, he is coping and learning to adapt. I am trying to give him extra attention when Angie is sleeping or being held by Alfonso.

Chris has started to do the cutest thing... We have this stuffed monkey that has been in his toy chest for the last several months. I have never seen him play with it, so I was surprised the other day when he pulled it out. Since then, he has been carrying the monkey around the house and has even put it on his shoulder (like in a burping position). I think he is imitating me with Angie! I will have to catch him in the act and take a photo!

I have some photos to post from when my mom was here, but I will do it later on when I have time. It was such a wonderful visit, and we miss her so much!