Thursday, March 05, 2009

I smell teething

So.. this may be a little odd. But I can tell when my children are teething by the smell of their breath. It reminds of blood, but a little more medicinal. I could tell when Christopher was teething (I was pregnant at the time with Angela) and since having Angela, I've been breastfeeding.. So maybe it's hormone related? I was asking my dentist about this, but she had never heard of it. But I googled "teething breath" and a few hits showed up, so I am not the only one.

The reason why I bring this up is because Angela is teething, and a tiny little bud is starting to pop on the lower left part of her gums. She's been gnawing on me a bit more than usual, and has been fussy this entire evening.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It's been a long (long) time!

Hi everyone, sorry for the tardiness with this blog. I figured I should put something out there, since it's been several months since my last update.

These last few months have been busy with the holidays and my return of going back to work. It's been quite an adjustment for everyone, especially for Alfonso. However, I think we are doing okay. Work has been going pretty well for me, despite the annoying politics and the layoffs that were going around the hospital. I think it has settled down for now, but for a couple of weeks it was pretty high strung. We are always hearing about "the budget" from the management, so it can be tiresome.

I am only work two days a week (12.5 hr shifts) but I am so tired on my days off. I don't usually sleep well (I sleep downstairs in the guest room) while Angela is upstairs with Alfonso. I always wake up during the night feeling uncomfortable (I am used to feeding her during the night at some point) and I can hear her crying upstairs for me.

I am still pumping while I am at work, (usually twice, sometimes three times) and we've been giving her solids for the last two months. She loves her meals.. she makes screeching noises when the spoon is not in her mouth. I can't give her the food fast enough. She is quite the piggy.

Christopher is doing well. We think he is going through a growth spurt, since he eats all of the time (literally two breakfasts in the am, lunch, snack, dinner, dinner snack). It's crazy... and think about how many diaper changes coincide with all of this eating.

I am turning 30 in two weeks! I am feeling pretty excited. I loved the second half of my twenties, so I hope my thirties are just as amazing. And this will be the first time Alfonso and I have been in the same decade with our ages. Haha!

Here are some recent photos of the kids: