Saturday, October 27, 2007

baby Chris

Upon numerous requests, pictures of our baby Chris. He is no longer looking at his fist, but is now lifting up one finger and staring at it. He is also working on rolling, with assistance from us. He is very talkative with many squeals, laughter, with goos and coos. More pics to follow.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

grrr.. taxes

Yikes, we just received the bill in the mail for our property taxes. It is awful.

You definitely pay for paradise. Gonna have to work at least 1 extra shift per pay period...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fires in SoCal

As most of you know, we are having a fire problem here in southern California. It seems like there is a new fire every hour. With the super dry conditions along with the 70-80 mph Santa Ana winds, this creates an ideal formula for fires.

I have been working since Sunday, and that was when we first heard of the fire in Malibu. Malibu is quite a distance from us, so we didn't feel affected. It wasn't until Monday when I hear about the fire in Castaic when I became concerned. We live less than 10 miles from Castaic. When I was driving to work on Monday, I called Alfonso (he was at work too, but on his way home) and said that for whatever reason, if we have to evacuate to gather up our valuables and important documents.

Later that afternoon I started to get a funny feeling in my stomach. I called my friends Elsa and Janet for updates. When I called them, they were saying that they couldn't talk for long because they were evacuating from their house. There was a fire on Magic Mountain (which is next to us). I then called Alfonso, and told him that the neighborhood was evacuating (he was just waking up from working the night before).

It became a little crazy at work, since many of my co workers live in the same area as me. People were calling home, other people were trying to locate their family members. As I was leaving work, I caught a glimpse of my subdivision on the news.

When I came home, they had opened up my street. There were police officers barracading the rest of the subdivision. I went to sleep that night hoping that we didn't have to evacuate during the night. As I fell asleep, I could hear the hum of helicopters and airplanes overhead.

As of now, the fire that was near us is contained. Unfortunately, many people are not so lucky. Many people have lost their homes in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles County. It has just been horrible these few days.

Here are some photos that my friend took of our neighborhood under evacuation:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Weighed myself yesterday at work, and I have 11 more lbs to lose before my pre-pregnancy weight. It will be nice to fit back into some of my old clothes, since I can't afford to buy new ones. It was bad enough losing 2/3 of my shoes since my feet grew a half of a size! My niece Mayra lucked out, and took home most of my old shoes.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Baby Chris and Grandma Valencia

After working for a month, we decided that we needed some extra help with Christopher. I had previously looked into daycare, but since I work until 7:30 pm and most daycares close at 6pm, this wasn't an option. So, after some discussion we invited my mother-in-law to California to help us with Christopher. She arrived on Friday, and is now part of our household. So far it is going well. I hope that this will work out for us. It will be a great opportunity for Christopher to learn spanish and bond with his grandma Valencia.

They finally reopened the interstate 5 freeway just south of our house. There was a terrible accident last Friday, and they had the freeway closed all weekend. I had to take an alternate local route to work yesterday, and today I switched my day for Friday since I was afraid that the freeway would not be open.

I am doing well on my quest to lose weight. I have another 13 lbs to lose, but so far I have a weight loss of 17 lbs. I can squeeze into my pre-pregnancy pants, but it doesn't look too pretty. Alfonso and I are going to look into a family gym membership, that way we can work out together and get back into shape.

Till next time! Love, Becky

Saturday, October 06, 2007

It's been awhile

I wrote this last week, but wasn't able to publish it.

Much has happened these last few weeks. I started work in a new department working days (7am-7:30pm) and last week we went to MI for my brothers wedding.

Work is going well; I am enjoying the day time schedule. I feel that my body agrees with it more. Of course I am much busier working days (more doctors, surgeries, tests and such) but the routine is getting easier for me.

Last weekend we flew to Marquette for Joe and Mary's wedding. Christopher did pretty well on the plane, with the exception of the flight from Minneapolis to Marquette. He didn't handle the noisy puddle jumper plane too well, but it was also at the end of the day.

I introduced Alfonso to pasties, and we even bought a few to take home with us to LA. On Saturday we drove to Munising and viewed the Munising Falls and the pretty fall colors of the UP. It was nice to be back in the UP, and I was especially excited to show Alfonso the area I spent part of my life in. We lived in the UP until I was 7, and then I spent 3 semesters up at Northern before I moved to Ithaca.
Here are some photos of our trip:

The Superior Dome at Northern Michigan University:

Train cars with cargo waiting for transportation:

Lighthouse on Lake Superior (this is near Presque Isle). I remember walking on this breakaway when I was in college:

Christopher looking cute:

View of the Lake Superior shoreline from the AuTran boat dock. My parents used to collect rocks from this area for my mom's flower garden.

Me enjoying the clean air of the UP:

The beautiful Munising Falls. I remember coming here when I was five/six years old. It seemed surreal to have my husband and son visit the falls.

My brothers Joe (far left) and Tom (middle).

The Bridesmaids and Flower girl

Mr and Mrs Joseph Pilon

My handsome boys: Christopher (in his onesie tuxedo) and Alfonso

Our family photo:
(This was shortly before Christopher's three hour nap)

Grandma, mama and baby Chris

The Pilon kids (minus Crystal; she was finishing up with the wedding cake).

Crystal's amazing wedding cake:

Crystal's wedding cake: