Thursday, February 24, 2011

Angie and sleep (or lack thereof)

Lately we've been having some difficulty with Angie sleeping at night.

Ever since Angie was little, she would softly rock herself to sleep in her crib. Basically, she would be sitting up in her crib while rocking until she fell asleep. A few months ago, she started to climb out of her crib during the night, so we purchased a regular size bed.

Since then, we've been experiencing some difficulty at night. Angie has been waking up during the night and has been sitting in the living room rocking in Alfonso's chair. I think waking up in the night is nothing new to her, but since she no longer has her crib to lean against, she now needs to calm herself by rocking in Alfonso's chair.

Not only is this disturbing the household (she often wakes up in the middle of the night and is very vocal- singing and talking, while waking up the household) but she is not sleeping as much at night. Every morning we find her lying in an uncomfortable position in Alfonso's chair. She is often very irritable during the day, and will try to fall asleep in the afternoon. We generally try to not let her sleep during the afternoon (because then she cannot fall asleep at her bedtime), but often we cannot handle her irritation.

I am not sure what to do about this, other than I hope she grows out of this stage. :(

Friday, January 28, 2011

LIke little lost sheep

hmm, I know this won't be the case in several years, but my kids are very attached to me. As Alfonso would say, "they follow you around like little lost sheep." And literally, they do. If I go upstairs to brush my teeth or put away clothes, I immediately hear my kids saying "mama?" and follow me upstairs. Or if I go downstairs to take the garbage to the big bins, I hear them say "mama?" and follow me downstairs.

My kids are two and three, what is going on? Are they still fearful of abandonment (or whatever stage those psychology theorists have come up with)?

I love the bond that I share with them, but it's difficult for me to have a moment to myself. And they still cry if I leave them home with Alfonso. At least after I have worked for two days, Angie is ready to give me plenty of kisses and hugs. I love having her run to me and sharing a long hug with her. She will often sigh and rest her head on my shoulder. And I love seeing Christopher's little face pressed up against his bedroom window when I am pulling into the garage after being gone for 14.5 hrs at work. When I am walking inside the house, I will hear him shouting "mama!" from his room.

I love my babies and I know that I will miss this time in their lives.

A year later....

Wow, it's been a long time since I last posted. A little too long! I am doing well, much has been going on in our lives. I was reminded of my blog earlier this evening while skimming through old emails. I remember the reason why I started this blog nearly 5 years ago. It was when I first became pregnant with my son Christopher and I wanted to share our journey of parenthood and marriage.

These last several years haven't always been easy. Both of our immediate families live in other states. We also work (myself part time at 2 days/week and Alfonso 3 days/week) and we have children that are a year apart. Our lives have changed quite drastically over a very short period of time. Last year I was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder that has led me to undergo numerous tests and requires me to see two specialists every couple of months. I am doing well, but at times I feel fatigued.

I am back in school (I joined this past fall) and I am taking classes part time for my BSN. I hope to have my degree completed by Fall 2013. Speaking of which, I need to start my readings for this next week.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I love the rain!

I never thought that I would say this, but I am tired of seeing sunshine 360 days a year. This week has been amazing since it has been raining for the last several days. Not just a little sprinkle or two, but a downpour that has threatened the closing of freeways, and has caused neighborhood evacuations from potential landslides.

Now onto more serious matters. On Wednesday I had my bone marrow biopsy. It was very painful and I hope to never go through it again. I am sure half of the office heard me crying. It was like having a nail driven into your hip and then a sharp, pulling, aching pressure that traveled down my left leg. I should've taken the sedative... I will find out the results two weeks from now. I am still hobbling about in pain, and taking ES Tylenol every 6 hrs. It makes picking up kids and changing diapers a little painful, but laying them down on the floor makes it a little easier.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The haps

Back in November I went to have my blood drawn for a routine set of tests that my PCP ordered for me. A few weeks later, I found out that my WBC's were low (3.2) so she ordered another blood test to double check. It was still low (3.5, normal is 4.4-11) so I asked for a referral to see a hematologist. I actually had to insist upon it, since my PCP thought that "this could be my norm." I didn't think it was my norm, and went to the extent of retrieving my blood work for the last two years. I got my way...

So, I've been seeing this hematologist since December (and let me tell you how depressing it is to be sitting in a waiting room with people with cancer) and after a series of tests to determine why my WBC's are low (latest is 2.5) they are going to be doing a bone marrow biopsy in the next week or so. Maybe something is depressing my immune system... or maybe it's my norm. But you start to feel your own mortality after hearing words like leukemia, hepatitis, or lupus being spoken. So far no lupus or hepatitis, but we'll have more insight after this bone marrow biopsy.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Starting over....

Okay blog, it's been a super long time since we've last corresponded. I guess I've been experiencing a bit of a writer's block. And life with two kids, a husband and a part time has kept me pretty busy.

I took the kids to the park yesterday. It was a perfect fall day; the air was clean and crisp, the sky was a perfect blue and the leaves on the trees were a golden yellow. I had the best time with the kids. Besides playing on the swings and climbing the jungle gym, I was able to sit back and watch the kids play. I didn't have to supervise every step the kids took.

I remember a year ago when Angie was 5 months old and Christopher was nearly 18 months. I remember having to hold Angie in my arms while pushing Christopher on a swing or bfeeding Angie while watching Christopher run across the park into a neighbor's yard. I am thankful that times have changed and it's gotten a bit easier.
The first year with the kids was difficult, but I am a stronger person beacause of this.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


It's been a little rough these last few weeks. We were all sick with the flu last week. The kids got it first, and then Alfonso and I were sick. We ended up calling off from work for a few days while we all recuperated. Then a few nights ago, Christopher woke up at 1:30am and vomited all over his crib. Poor Alfonso had to clean him up (I was working the next day). Christopher is doing ok now, it was probably something that he ate that didn't agree with him.

My mom is officially on her journey to Africa to see my sister Crystal. She flew from Traverse City-Detroit. And then from Detroit-Paris. They have a stop over in Paris for a day or two, and then from there they are flying to Niger (West Africa). She is going with a childhood friend of my sister. This is the first time that my mom has travelled outside of the US. I hope that she will be okay... Niger is very hot and windy, so I hope she doesn't have a flare up with her asthma.

We have Angela's 9 month appointment this week. She isn't crawling yet, but moves around by creeping. It's hilarious to see her moving around the house. :) She is eating very well; loves most foods with the exception of pears and applesauce (too sour?). She even eats her vegetables! I am still bfeeding her, but not nearly as often. I will be a little sad when she is weaned. I will not miss pumping while I am at work. I get so stressed when I can't pump (because I am too busy and such) so it will be nice to not have any additional stress while at work.

I plan on posting some more pics soon. I ended up dropping my Olympus digital camera (I've had it for almost 5.5 years) so it would cost too much to fix it. I am now using Alfonso's camera, but the camera doesn't take the best photos. I hope that once we have some extra money saved for our emergency fund, I can store a little extra for an entertainment fund. I have my eye set on the Canon Rebel. :)