Sunday, April 05, 2009


It's been a little rough these last few weeks. We were all sick with the flu last week. The kids got it first, and then Alfonso and I were sick. We ended up calling off from work for a few days while we all recuperated. Then a few nights ago, Christopher woke up at 1:30am and vomited all over his crib. Poor Alfonso had to clean him up (I was working the next day). Christopher is doing ok now, it was probably something that he ate that didn't agree with him.

My mom is officially on her journey to Africa to see my sister Crystal. She flew from Traverse City-Detroit. And then from Detroit-Paris. They have a stop over in Paris for a day or two, and then from there they are flying to Niger (West Africa). She is going with a childhood friend of my sister. This is the first time that my mom has travelled outside of the US. I hope that she will be okay... Niger is very hot and windy, so I hope she doesn't have a flare up with her asthma.

We have Angela's 9 month appointment this week. She isn't crawling yet, but moves around by creeping. It's hilarious to see her moving around the house. :) She is eating very well; loves most foods with the exception of pears and applesauce (too sour?). She even eats her vegetables! I am still bfeeding her, but not nearly as often. I will be a little sad when she is weaned. I will not miss pumping while I am at work. I get so stressed when I can't pump (because I am too busy and such) so it will be nice to not have any additional stress while at work.

I plan on posting some more pics soon. I ended up dropping my Olympus digital camera (I've had it for almost 5.5 years) so it would cost too much to fix it. I am now using Alfonso's camera, but the camera doesn't take the best photos. I hope that once we have some extra money saved for our emergency fund, I can store a little extra for an entertainment fund. I have my eye set on the Canon Rebel. :)


AJ said...

Good luck to your mom, and what a great opportunity for her!

It's the worst when everyone has the same bug. We all had it in stages, except for both JR and I were sick at the same time. Ava played the role of the parent that day. SHe love it:)

Canon Rebels are nice. My mom gave me her old one when she got a new 50D, and it's 5 years old and still much nicer than my point and shoot! I have to just get a lens protector for it, and then I can use it. I ordered it yesterday, so hopefully my easter pictures will be much better quality than what I have had!

Keelie said...

So good to hear from you!! Glad you're all feeling better!

Can you believe your little one is already nine months old?! Where does time go?!

Good for you for keeping up with the bfeeding and pumping! I can't imagine trying to pump with the job you had - it was enough of a pain when I was doing it and my job was not so fast-paced or stressful! But you're doing Miss Angela such a great service - I continue to read more and more on the benefits of bfeeding!

Hope you all stay healthy now!

alanna rose said...