Friday, December 11, 2009

Starting over....

Okay blog, it's been a super long time since we've last corresponded. I guess I've been experiencing a bit of a writer's block. And life with two kids, a husband and a part time has kept me pretty busy.

I took the kids to the park yesterday. It was a perfect fall day; the air was clean and crisp, the sky was a perfect blue and the leaves on the trees were a golden yellow. I had the best time with the kids. Besides playing on the swings and climbing the jungle gym, I was able to sit back and watch the kids play. I didn't have to supervise every step the kids took.

I remember a year ago when Angie was 5 months old and Christopher was nearly 18 months. I remember having to hold Angie in my arms while pushing Christopher on a swing or bfeeding Angie while watching Christopher run across the park into a neighbor's yard. I am thankful that times have changed and it's gotten a bit easier.
The first year with the kids was difficult, but I am a stronger person beacause of this.


AJ said...

The older they get the more self sufficient they get. It's so nice!

Glad your back and I can't wait to see pictures of the kiddos!

Crystal Pilon said...

Hey sis, welcome back to blog world! I'm back to reading everyone's blog as of today. Love you!

Keelie said...

Love the look of your blog!
I completely understand you not having time to blog! I can't imagine having a part-time job on top of everything, although I've been looking for something myself.
It's good to hear from you again! It's nice to hear from someone who's past the tough stage - I'll look forward to where you're at, as I try not to wish my kid's lives away!
We need to see pics next time you post!:)