Friday, January 28, 2011

LIke little lost sheep

hmm, I know this won't be the case in several years, but my kids are very attached to me. As Alfonso would say, "they follow you around like little lost sheep." And literally, they do. If I go upstairs to brush my teeth or put away clothes, I immediately hear my kids saying "mama?" and follow me upstairs. Or if I go downstairs to take the garbage to the big bins, I hear them say "mama?" and follow me downstairs.

My kids are two and three, what is going on? Are they still fearful of abandonment (or whatever stage those psychology theorists have come up with)?

I love the bond that I share with them, but it's difficult for me to have a moment to myself. And they still cry if I leave them home with Alfonso. At least after I have worked for two days, Angie is ready to give me plenty of kisses and hugs. I love having her run to me and sharing a long hug with her. She will often sigh and rest her head on my shoulder. And I love seeing Christopher's little face pressed up against his bedroom window when I am pulling into the garage after being gone for 14.5 hrs at work. When I am walking inside the house, I will hear him shouting "mama!" from his room.

I love my babies and I know that I will miss this time in their lives.

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